Climate Change Projects at iBEF 2018

The Climate Change Projects, at this year's 9th edition of the iBEF, participated in two events tackling sustainable mobility and private sector engagement:

- Digitalization in Sustainable Transportation: This session offered a wide overview of the different digitalization solutions that could be used in the transport sector, with special focus on fuel efficient vehicles and the fuel options for the bus transport sector. In addition, this session highlights a new initiative in the transport sector, shedding the light on concepts dealing with car‐sharing and car‐pooling.

- Lebanon Climate Act's Third Annual Ceremony: Lebanon Climate Act is the first platform in the Middle East to work with the most influential businesses to take action on climate change. To date, around 100 Lebanese companies have joined the Act and some have been leading the way by championing state of the art initiatives to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The event highlighted company experiences, and awarded new businesses as a recognition of efforts. For more information about the ceremony, click here.