Climate Change Projects at the iBEF 2017

The iBEF is an annual event which showcases energy and sustainable development initiatives in Lebanon, and the climate change projects had three contributions to the forum in 2017:

- The Derisking Renewable Energy Investment report has been officially launched with the endorsement of the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Energy and Water. The report analyzes the most cost-effective public derisking measures to promote private sector investment in large-scale wind energy and solar PV in Lebanon. The report sets out the results from a quantitative, investment-risk informed modelling analysis. A set of policy recommendations has been put forward in order to lower the risk of investing in renewable energies. Click here for the report, or to obtain a brief, click here for the wind energy derisking infographic, and here for the PV energy derisking infographic. 

- The Management Information System on Climate Action (MISCA) which is the NDC intranet has been finalized and endorsed at the BEF. With the support of the EU-ClimaSouth project, this pilot platform has been developed in order to track energy emissions and mitigation progress. The aim is to expand the platform in the future to all sectors of the NDC. This serves as a tool which will aid Lebanon in reporting its NDC progress as is mandated by the Paris Agreement Transparency Framework.

- The 2050 Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) was officially launched; Lebanon is required to develop a mid-century low emission strategy as per the Paris Agreement, and it is also a crucial national exercise as it shapes Lebanon’s vision towards low emission growth. The initial pillars of the strategy are low carbon industrialization, building low carbon cities, optimizing the energy structure, changing consumption patterns and tackling rural land use. The strategy will be developed with the relevant political and technical stakeholders, and will be finalized by 2018.