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Issue 51 - September 2016
The seventh International Beirut Energy Forum (BEF) has just concluded; hundreds of energy, environment, business, research and banking professionals met at the forum and exhibits to discuss the future of renewable energy, energy efficiency, financial instruments, and sustainable development ideas. The growing number of participants, panelists and international organizations shows the enhanced prioritization of these important subject matters to Lebanon.

With this year's IBEF came the closing of a successful collaboration between IPTEC, the Ministry of Environment, ESCWA and the UNDP regarding a national campaign for air pollution reduction in Lebanon through efficient energy use in land transportation. This campaign, titled "Be an Eco-Driver" provides tips for drivers that aim at lowering air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, enhance road safety and reduce costs. Click here to access the guide.
Green Bond
Finance tool which is tax-exempt, and therefore more attractive to investors, aimed at financing sustainable development projects
October 4, 2016

Lebanon Climate Act Business Knowledge Platform

Number of parties who have ratified the Paris Agreement to date, satisfying one of the conditions of the agreement's entry into force
The meanest fossil fuel
Coal is responsible for 44% of global GHG emissions. The majority of the global top 5 GHG emitters have coal reserves, are also large consumers and their fuel mixes may raise some eyebrows. For example, nearly 40% of the USA's energy (mainly the electricity sector) comes from coal, which was responsible for 24% of the USA's GHG emissions in 2012. But the fact that big emitters are ratifying the Paris Agreement may be a good sign for phasing-out coal.
Hit them where the heart is
Ever wondered how you could sensitize your entire country about climate change? Show them the climate change impacts on your major natural and cultural landmarks, and even folkloric food. Click here to see the awareness video specific to Lebanese monuments, sites of national pride, and even our most famous parsley salad, the tabbouleh.  
The Paris Agreement and the New Logic of International Climate Politics, Robert Falkner, London School of Economics and Political Science, International Affairs 92 (5), September 2016
September 22 was World Car-Free Day; above is a picture of cyclists enjoying Brussels by bike.

Photo credit: Xinhua/Barcroft Images
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