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Issue 50 - August 2016
"Implementing Lebanon's INDC is of the highest priority, and it is now what unites our institutions" stated the Minister of Environment H.E. Mr. Mohamad Al Mashnouk in his opening statement on July 26, in the First Meeting of the INDC Working Group.

After submitting its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) in September 2015, Lebanon is ready to get to work: the first meeting of the INDC working group for mitigation discussed what lies ahead in implementing Lebanon's INDC. Several ministries showcased the overview, progress and gaps and needs for the energy, transport, waste and forestry strategies that make up Lebanon's target. 

The meeting clarified the workplan to be carried out in the next few years, and where capacity-building and financial support is most required. To access the summary report, click here.
The Blob
A heavy marine heatwave which hit the Pacific Ocean and caused the death of thousands of animals
No events this month

Degrees Celsius, the temperature recorded in Kuwait in July 2016, the highest ever in the Eastern hemisphere, and part of a severe Middle Eastern heatwave
Feel guilty starting August 13
On August 13, we already used up all of Earth's resources for 2016, which means that from now till the end of the year, any additional resources we use would be unsustainable. This is called Earth Overshoot Day, and it's getting earlier every year. We have a long way to go to reconcile population growth, consumption patterns and sustainable development. Click here for more.
The fork and the climate
Climate change will affect food prices in the future, and according to the Global Footprint Network's study about food price shocks on GDP, "17 out of the 20 countries most at risk from a food price shock are in Africa, and Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the US would benefit most from a sharp increase in food prices etc.". Click here for more facts.
July 2016 was proven as the hottest month on record. 

Photo credit: Morne de Klerk/Getty Images
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