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Issue 47 - May 2016
"There is no turning back", states President Francois Hollande at the Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony, on April 22 in New York. And many world leaders agreed with him; over 170 nations have signed the historic climate change agreement which reflects the importance of the issue worldwide, and the willingness to act. His Excellency Tamam Salam, Lebanon's Prime Minister signed as well which represented Lebanon's will to commit to the agreement. We are one step closer to making climate change action a national priority. To read more about the ceremony, click here.

Outstanding initiative by the young minds of AUB! The Students for Sustainable Energy for All (SSEA - AUB), as part of their Light-Up a Village (LUV) project, will implement solar street-lighting technology in Majdel village in Akkar; 13 highly-efficient LED lights will be installed. SSEA is a network comprised of various students across multiple universities around the globe, all of whom aim to enhance the environment around them by implementing eco-friendly projects. Click here for more information.
Carbon leakage
The problem whereby industries relocate to countries where emission regimes are weaker
16-26 May, 2016

SB44 and APA1 sessions of the UNFCCC


The number of electric car charge points in Japan, overpassing the 35,000 petrol stations
Drink beer, you'll save the great barrier reef
No it's not magic, but in order to help conserve the endangered reef by spreading awareness about how climate change impacts the underwater natural structure, a beer company in Australia is giving a share of its earnings to the Australian Marine Conservation Society. And now you have all the good reasons to have that drink! Click here for more.
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The internet emits as much carbon into the atmosphere as a country the size of Turkey. So, for people who use Google Chrome, Johnnie Walker has a Chrome add-on, "Earth Mode", which will offset your browsing emissions by planting trees! First, you'd be more careful about keeping your browser open if not needed, and second, in case you do, trees will sprout! Click here to download.
Achieving the United States' INDC, by Doug Vine, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
His Excellency Tamam Salam, Lebanese Prime Minister, signing the Paris Agreement at the signing ceremony in New York on April 22, 2016.
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