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Lebanon is the 15th nation to have submitted it Biennial Update Report among 153 Non-Annex I Parties! The BUR identifies the energy sector (74% - including transport) as the main contributor to GHG emissions followed by the waste sector (11%) and industrial processes (10%) while the forestry sector acts as an emissions sink.

The United Nations celebrated its 70th anniversary in Lebanon on October 21st by organizing an open discussion on Peace, Rights and Development! One of the six panels tackled the synergies between climate change and sustainable development putting climate change as one of the top challenges of the coming century.
the submergence of land by water, particularly in a coastal setting
5 November 2015

To Paris with Climate Change: Lebanon at COP21 @ AUB Issam Fares Institute


USD the cost of climate change per house household, per year, in Lebanon
Fear not bridezilla 
Climate change is making the weather more and more uncertain. This adds to the stress of brides-to-be – or as they are affectionately referred to, bridezillas. Promising sunny weddings, a company can set up “cloud seeding” so rain falls before the big day.
Recycling is good for the environment. It can also be good for the pocket. Around 15,000 kg of copper, 350 kg of silver, 34 kg of gold and 15 kg of palladium can be recovered from a million recycled cell phones. Don't hurt yourself recycling.

Climate change for bookworms:

Gaia: Medicine for an ailing planet by James Lovelock (Chapter Seven, pages 148 to 152)

N2O emissions in Lebanon are mainly linked to wastewater generation and disposal, whether it is discharged in rivers, sea or septic tanks.

Photo Credit: The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban
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