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Issue 36 - June 2015

As you know (because we’ve hammered you with it) negotiations from now till Paris 2015 are crucial to forming the new climate change agreement. As we speak, a two-week long UNFCCC negotiating session is taking place, and Lebanon is participating in this historic milestone towards COP21. The entire climate change scene is stirring, and Lebanon is no exception: French Ambassador for Climate Change Stephane Gompertz has met with Environment Minister Mohammad Al Machnouk to discuss the agreement and Lebanon’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC). In this important moment in history, we need everyone to be involved: follow us @climatechangelb on twitter for news and updates on climate change in Lebanon and the world.   

Lebanon does mitigate against climate change, but most importantly, it is on its way towards intense adaptation to avoid the worst. Developing countries such as Lebanon are the biggest advocates of fair adaptation clauses in the new climate change agreement which is to be finalized in Paris in December 2015. In order to unify the voices of the vulnerable countries on the climate change negotiations’ scene, the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) was initiated and has now 20 member countries. As part of the regional meetings, Lebanon hosted the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region CVF meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on 28-29 May 2015. Eleven countries convened and drafted recommendations for climate vulnerability to consider in negotiating sessions. To access the recommendations, click here.

Fossil fuel divestment
the removal of investment assets from companies involved in extracting fossil fuels, in an attempt to reduce climate change


billion dollars, the amount of money that KSA has planned to spend on a solar power boost, click here for more details

*Slow Applause*

Companies are being more ambitious than nations: the furniture behemoth IKEA “plans to spend 1 billion euros ($1.13 billion) on renewable energy and steps to help poor nations cope with climate change”. This is highly ambitious and intimidating to countries and other companies to say the least. IKEA, we applaud you! To know more, click here.

Am I Dreaming? By Akon

If you didn’t like Akon before, you’re bound to love him now! The award-winning artist proposed a plan to provide clean energy to 600,000,000 Africans and to provide training and capacity-building to manage the grid. This proves that governments are not the only ones that can make a difference! Click here to know more.

Global rising temperatures severely affect the oceans and seas, including our Mediterranean. A warmer ocean is dangerous because its living organisms are very sensitive to change; the bottom of the food chain will be hit first which will affect the entirety of sea species. No one wants a hot, empty and acidic sea.
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