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Issue 30 November 2014

The Climate Change Coordination Unit (CCCU) has just turned one! The last quarterly meeting of 2014 was held on November 14 with the presence of most of its members, with the aim to evaluate last year's achievements, share lessons learned and jointly plan next year's workplan. The CCCU has succeeded in establishing a climate change platform where all stakeholders could communicate, coordinate, brainstorm and forge relationships with each other. The climate family is growing even bigger next year, so be part of it!

Fantastic news! The two biggest world emitters just came forward; the USA recently pledged 26 to 28% carbon pollution reduction below 2005 levels by 2025, and China pledged to have their emissions peak in 2030. Now what does this all mean? It means that that the new commitments by the two giants will keep 640 billion tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere. The total is greater than all global fossil fuel emissions from 1990-2013. Other countries have come forth with their contributions as well, ahead of COP 20 (Conference of Parties) in Lima and COP 21 in Paris next year. And if everyone was this ambitious, then 2,500 Gigatons of carbon dioxide would not be emitted as a result. Click here to know more about the good news.

CCS - Carbon Capture & Storage
Technology designed to tackle climate change by capturing carbon dioxide and storing it underground
No events this month
Loss in 2010 global GDP estimated to have been caused by climate change (Huffington Post, October 2014)
Illegal logging ten times the size of Manhattan

Deforestation in the Amazon has spiked 190% this August and September, which conflicts with the Brazilian President’s policy which has decreased the rate of deforestation by 80% between 2004 and 2013. The fact is, the illegal loggers have found a way to avoid the law: satellite monitoring can only detect when more than 25 hectares have been cleared in order to file charges, the loggers are now clearing smaller fields to get around undetected and the small patches have amounted to ten times the size of Manhattan. Click here for more.

Double the green effect

As if riding a bicycle for commuting isn’t green enough, a bike lane in the Netherlands is now paved with concrete blocks with solar cells. It is 70 meters long and can power three households. The future plans are to have lanes which can power electric cars. But for the moment, this is already a smart use of space. To know more, click here.
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