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Issue #29 October 2014
Paving the way to the Conference of Parties (CoP) in Lima this December and Paris in 2015, the UN Climate Summit in New York was a cocktail of determination, commitments and climate change momentum. Over 100 heads of State and more than 800 business and civil society representatives participated in the summit. Leaders converged on a long-term vision, which included commitments to submit Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), they have also vowed to cut emissions and strengthen resilience, succeeded to mobilize USD 200 billion for climate finance, and formed new coalitions. The outcome of the UN Climate Summit was successful (although China and India, the first and third biggest emitters were not present), but actions speak louder than words, and the CoP in Lima will determine how far the Parties are willing to go to fight climate change. Click here for Ban-Ki Moon's summary, and here to view country commitments on a interactive map.

In cutting carbon emissions, a lot of pressure is being exercised on cities, and some have been responding to it. Many municipalities have plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions, and public transport is almost always included since it is vital in addressing climate objectives. As a compilation of planned actions, a report has been prepared in the wake of the UN Climate Summit by the International Association of Public Transport to showcase the efforts. The report presents 351 actions from more than 80 cities with a target of 40% emission reduction by 2025. This shows a shift in the mindset of governments and municipalities which indicates that it is understood that cities play a major role in mitigation. To access the report, click here.
Means of Implementation
The finance, capacity building and technology transfer tools to achieve mitigation and adaptation targets
24 October, 2014

Strategic Environmental Assessment of Lebanon's Renewable Energy Sector Workshop @ Gefinor, Hamra

The amount in degrees Celsius of additional global surface warming we will likely get between 2081 and 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions stay roughly on their current path (IPCC, 2013)


The PR industry joins the fight!

Top public relations (PR) companies worldwide have a new memo out: they will not work with client firms who either are climate change deniers, or obstruct emission reducing regulations. This decision will surely shame the companies who have chosen to refute climate change, and maybe force them to change their minds about the matter. Click here for the full article. 

Energy records in Europe

Great European achievements in renewable energy this year! Case in point: Spain reported that 55% of their electricity generation this July came from clean sources, and Germany supplied a third of its energy from renewables in the first half of the year. These giant numbers will only help decrease the price of renewable energy technologies so they become more widespread across the globe. Click here for more.
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