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Issue 26 - July 2014
Join us in welcoming the latest elevated garden in Beirut! CEDRO and Banque du Liban have transformed the central bank’s 814 m2 rooftop into a green garden, which enhances both aesthetics and energy performance of the building. BDL will now use 10% less energy by saving on air conditioning, reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and help reducing urban air pollution. The roof was designed by a local company supported by international experts.  It has a growing media consistent of peat, sand, gravel, old rubber tires and is monitored by temperature and water sensors. The plant selection stressed on different blooming seasons, to guarantee a continuous flourished roof. It is visually appeasing and improves Beirut’s mosaic landscape. Click here to know more. 

Lebanon is one of 21 countries worldwide to be included in the "Global Good Practice Analysis on LEDS, NAMAs and MRV". This Global Good Practice Analysis is a joint initiative by the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV and the UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme that documents worldwide examples which demonstrate how LEDS, NAMAs and MRV systems are being effectively designed and implemented. Lebanon’s good practice was the NAMA prioritization process thanks to the following aspects: a clear leadership by MoE which entailed inter-ministerial participation and key stakeholder involvement, a multi-criteria analysis which linked theory and practice and most importantly, the process could easily pose as a standard procedure to other NAMAs in different countries. Click here for more info about Lebanon’s success!
Historical Emissions
the cumulative emissions in the atmosphere emitted by a country since industrialization
7 & 8 July - Climate Finance Seminar @ Gefinor Rotana Hotel

16 July - Arabic Effective Writing and Communication Skills @ Holiday Inn Hotel

the tonnes of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning, cement production, deforestation and land clearing between 1750 and 2011
Low Carbon World Cup

While watching the exciting  football games taking place in  Brazil, we’re sure that you are  very worried about the large  operations’ carbon emissions.  Ok maybe not, but in case you  were, FIFA will offset all emissions resulting from the “  travel and accommodation of all  staff, officials, teams, volunteers  and guests as well as emissions resulting from venues, stadiums,  offices and TV production”.  251,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be  compensated!
Click here for the  full article.

Calm Your Temper, it's just Climate Change

Higher temperatures render humans more aggressive, a new study says. With temperatures increasing globally thanks to climate change, researchers are expecting a rise in crime rates: "the report combined government data about average yearly temperatures with statistics on the number of violent crimes committed between 1950 and 2008" and concluded that the correlation is plausible. Mitigating against the impacts of climate change now includes crime prevention measures. More info here.
Suggestion: Le label écologique est attribué aux appareils ménagers qui consomment le moins d'énergie.
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