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Issue #25 June 2014

You know us Lebanese, we like big nice houses and we do not cut down on their costs. But apparently, in Batroun, while renovating their old home, someone did, and very sustainably. Casa Batroun is owned by a private family and is a fresh example of sustainable living: the AC is rarely on thanks to a cross-ventilation system and natural insulation, the light switch is ignored during the day because of smart window positioning, electricity costs are down since solar water heaters are installed on the roof, and water is conserved as rainwater harvesters have been mounted. This innovative initiative uses 55% less energy than a conventional home of the same size, so imagine the cost savings! Earning two BREEAM awards and the UK Green Apple award for the built environment, Casa Batroun has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 41%. Big applause.   

One step closer to effective dialogue. On May 21st, a meeting was held between the Minister of Industry, the Minister of Environment, the UNDP RR, and representatives from major Lebanese industry syndicates to launch a cooperation scheme between the government and the private sector. This initiative intends to update and institutionalize a common database of industries in Lebanon and integrate some economic and environmental indicators that could help support the sustainable development of the industrial sector in Lebanon. A memorandum of understanding has been signed at this occasion. Click here for more info.

National Adaptation Plan
Country-driven, participatory and fully transparent approach which identifies medium and long-term adaptation needs and developing and implementing strategies

12 June, 2014

Effective Writing and Communication Skills Training - Part I @ Holiday Inn


The amount in centimeters the world's oceans have risen between 1901 and 2010
You have been found GUILTY!

Well not yet, but soon! This April, Chicago was hit by extreme flooding; substantial damage was inflicted to roads, drainage systems, private properties and individuals. Apparently, a major insurance company is suing the Chicago municipality accusing them of negligence since they knew of the dangers of climate change, as stated in their Climate Change Action Plan of 2008, and did not adapt accordingly. Analysts are stating: "We're at that point with the science where climate change is now a foreseeable risk". Innovative way to concretize climate change into government officials' minds! Click here for more info.

The climate change ship has sailed...

It is not a question of "if", but "when", in case you still have doubts. Grim expressions were painted on environmentalists' faces this week; a point of no return has been crossed. Recent studies have alarmed that major glaciers in Antarctica have been "irrevocably destabilized", which means that you can definitely expect a slow and gradual 3.5 meter sea level rise, starting right now. We can't stop it, but we can still lessen the impacts and avoid any other ice sheets from melting! Click here for mitigation and adaptation actions. For more information, access the article here


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