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Issue #24 May 2014
The pieces are falling into place in the climate change adaptation scene! A rainwater harvesting system from agricultural greenhouse tops has just been installed in Choueifat by the UNDP/MoE climate change project. The pilot project, the first of three, is an adaptation of the recommendations of the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA). This innovative, practical and low cost technology will permit increased water availability thanks to reduced pressure on groundwater – which will also contribute to mitigation by reducing emissions from groundwater pumping. To find out more about climate change adaptation for the water sector in Lebanon, click here.

A private company in Zouk Mosbeh, Advanced Plastic Industries, took out a NEEREA loan, and contracted Elements Sun & Wind to install 200 kW of photovoltaic power on their roof. This industrial company now has part of their processes operating on clean energy. Environmentally friendly? Check. Contribution to climate change mitigation? Check. Corporate Social Responsibility? Check. If you don’t know what a NEEREA loan is, it’s a near 0% loan given to private sector companies who want to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Yes, that simple. Contact your bank for more details.
Legally Binding Agreement
14 May, 2014

Environmental Awareness Day @ Grand Serail
It's the percentage decrease of CO2 emissions per year if the Bedawi and Zehrani power plants were to substitute diesel oil with natural gas
I wish my life was like the movies!

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie and wished you were the hero? Well, be careful what you wish for, because climate change might just give it to you. The ice melting at the poles because of greenhouse gas emissions results in freshwater dumping in the oceans. When the freshwater vs saltwater ratio is at a certain still unknown balance, the north Atlantic current can stop! The reason Europe and North America even have a summer season is because of the north Atlantic current bringing warm water and wind from the equator. And if that current stops, well, watch the Day after Tomorrow!
Tough to be a cartographer

Who would have thought that the job of a cartographer would be a dynamic one? Thanks to climate change and sea level rise, updates have to be made to maps regularly. One of the most vulnerable regions is the Mississippi delta in the state of Louisiana in the United States. The low elevation coupled with the seawater rise is changing the landscape very rapidly and the inhabitants of the region do not have time to adapt! Click here to see the map.
Suggestion: Economisez de l’argent sur votre facture d’électricité en installant des détecteurs de mouvement. Lorsque cet appareil détecte un mouvement, les lampes s’allument automatiquement!
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